Torcolato 500ml

Torcolato is a wine traditionally made from dried grapes; clusters are naturally dried by hanging them on beams through strings in dry and airy attics of houses located on Breganze hills.Torcolato is made from “Vespaiola” grape, a native variety typical of Breganze area and nowhere available in other Italian regions.

To produce Torcolato a selection of thin clusters is made choosing the best ones exposed to the sun. Clusters naturally dry hanged on beams till the end of January / beginning of February, then they are pressed and their yield is very low (15/20 l of must per 100 Kg of grapes).

Fermentation lasts some months and wine is aged in steel tanks for at least 4 years. Torcolato doesn’t fear the passing of time since it improves with age. We choose to age our Torcolato only in steel tanks, instead of using oak barrels, because we want to underline the fruity soul of our wine;

Vespaiola grape has in fact a huge aromatic complexity which can be reduced or damaged by toasted or spiced notes, distinctive of wine aged in barrels. Our Torcolato, thanks to Vespaiola grape and to our land, is therefore a characteristic product of our terroir and it doesn’t conform to the “international taste”.

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Denomination Breganze Doc
Vineyard location Costa di Breganze
Soil type and exposure Volcanic hills, 200 m above sea level, south exposure
Grape variety 100% Vespaiola
Cultivation system Guyot “alla cappuccina” (by this system shoots are tied up as a small arch)
Harvest time Manual harvest of the best clusters, middle-end of September
Withering Hanged up grapes are withered in our drying rooms
Vinification Soft pressing on February. Fermentation lasts some months and it stops spontaneously
Ageing Wine is aged in steel tanks for at least 4 years
Alcohol by volume 13,5% vol
Acidity 8,3 g/l
Colour Brilliant amber
Tasting notes, nose Rich and intense, honey and dried fig scent with hints of candied citrus fruit
Tasting notes, palate Sweet and round, full bodied, with a great balance between acidity and sweetness; it finishes with a very long aromatic persistence remembering marmalade
Serving temperature 12-14 °C

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Vino da meditazione (meditation wine); it can match blue-cheeses or matured cheeses. It is worth tasting it with short pastry.

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