Many evidences, found in Breganze area, demonstrate that the presence of grapevine dates back from time immemorial.

Documents related to vineyard areas may be consulted in many deeds of sale going back to XI century. Here’s one dated 1052.

Mr. and Mrs. Guariberto and Mr. and Mrs. Sovelga give to the Capitolo of Padova cathedral (…) in loco et fundos Bragancio (…) sedimen et terris cum vineis (…).It turns out that Breganze has been known for its fine wines since 1700.

The production area, which obtained DOC qualification in 1969, includes some cities in Vicenza province, all linked to the “ Strada del Torcolato” (Torcolato Route), one wine tourism itinerary developing between valleys of Astico and Brenta rivers.

The way takes its name from its prestigious wine: Breganze Torcolato DOC, an excellent nectar obtained from the dried grapes of Vespaiola variety.

Breganze is the geographic centre of this area. On the west there is the town of Thiene and on the east there is the beautiful town of Bassano del Grappa with its ancient historical downtown centre and its Ponte degli Alpini (an historical wooden bridge) where you can find the stately Grappa massif in the background.

It is also worth mentioning the wonderful mansions Piovene and Godi Malinverni designed by architect Palladio, located in Lugo (Unesco world heritage) and the medieval town of Marostica, surrounded by battlemented walls including the famous Chess Square and connecting both the Lower and the Upper castle.

The territory of Torcolato Route includes, besides DOC area with its 15 wines, many agricultural and food products and traditional recipes too.

The most important products are : Asiago cheese Dop, Grappa extra vergin olive oil Dop, Sopressa Vicentina Dop, Bassano White Asparagus Dop, Marostica Cherry Igp, Breganze Torresani (pigeons), Baccalà alla Vicentina (salted codfish), grappas (marc spirit)…