Vitacchio Emilio business is not only based on wine production, but also on another product of our region that is the “Sopressa de Casa”, a typical kind of sausage.

Killing pigs to make them into sausages, during winter months, is an ancient tradition of Vicenza area and it’s part of the history of Vitacchio family as farmers. Our pigs are reared in our company and they are fed only with corn and other grain flours, in a very natural way, without using any industrial feedstuff.

On winter months pigs are slaughtered and their flesh is processed in our workshop to create Sopressa and other types of cold cuts. Sopressa is made of simple and natural ingredients: minced pork meat, salt, pepper and other natural spices. This mixture is then stuffed into natural bovine guts, tied up by hand and aged for at least 6 months. Besides Sopressa other products are produced with pork meat such as: salami, cotechini (gelatinous pork sausage in a natural casing) and the delicious “luganeghe” (sausages).

All the process, from pigs rearing to sausages production, is conducted in our company: this represents a quality and genuineness guarantee for our customers. During wine tastings Emilio, his wife Maria and his son Massimo always offer “pan e Sopressa” (bread and Sopressa) to their guests; Vitacchio’s family hospitality, authenticity and genuineness of our sausages production match and highlight our wines.