Vitacchio winery lies along Breganze Torcolato’s road, a wine-tourism itinerary which develops itself along piedmont belt among valleys created by Astico and Brenta, two rivers in Vicenza area; the winery is located inside Breganze DOC, a controlled designation of origin region.

The winery was built at the end of the 19 th century mostly using the “black rock”, volcanic stone very easy to find on our hills and valleys.

The winery was renovated some years ago and it has some glass-lined concrete and steel tanks. We use the most modern technologies such as PLC to control must fermentation temperature and the equipment for the cross-flow filtration of wines.

A visit to our grape-drying building is highly recommended: here in autumn we store “Vespaiola” clusters hanged to beams. From these clusters, between January and February, we get the “Torcolato”, pride of our winery.