Vitacchio Emilio winery is located on Breganze hills area and it extends over about 8 hectares, 5 of which dedicated to vineyard while remaining to olive and cherry trees.

Our vineyards lie on two of the most important and suitable areas for grapevine cultivation. The first one is called “Costa di Breganze” where the vineyard is located; this is an historical cru, the throbbing heart of Breganze DOC.

The second one is named “Fortelongo” and it’s located in San Giorgio di Perlena town. Historical researches, carried out some years ago, with the aim to discover the origins of viticulture, in Breganze area, reveal that “Fortelongo” cru is mentioned in a notarial sale act dated back to 1250.

This act says : “uno sedime cum casa supra in Fortelongo, circa sex campos inter terram et clausuram et vineam”. This is a clear evidence that grapevine has been growing in this region for more than 1000 years.

Our vineyards are mostly grown by Guyot “alla cappuccina” (by this system shoots are tied up as a small arch). They sink their roots in volcanic soils, rich in minerals, perfectly matching with our microclimate and granting exclusive characteristics to our grapes.

Our farming method is based on the respect of nature always trying to preserve the environment and soils’ unique features. We do not use either chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Fertilization is done by manure, when necessary, while to control the weeds we only use mechanical tools such as brush cutter and hoe.

As regarding diseases we always try to prevent them by copper and sulphur using systemic pesticides as less as possible.

Our creed is to grow vineyard and to produce wine in the most natural way because we believe that respecting the environment also means respecting our and our sons’ health.